Heather Holmgren


Practice Consultant + Founder + LMFT

Heather is our in-house relationship expert.

Understanding the ups and downs of couple relationships, eccentricities of gay, poly and trans dynamics, and the complications of living alone but wanting connection, she is able to get to the heart of what each individual and relationship needs to not only survive, but find happiness again.


Heather is a transplant from extreme Northern Utah. Growing up in the country wasn’t always easy, but it taught her a thing or two about majority culture, majority religion and feeling different. After many years of trying, failing, and struggling, Heather finally found her way into a life that she loves. Hell yes! That life just happens to involve the fine Salt Lake City, a 1890’s eclectic Victorian, a community garden, a dog, two cats, a couple of kids and the partner of her dreams. Oh, and the absolute best clients in the world.

As luck would have it, you’re on the way to your best life too. Congratulations.


Make an appointment now, Heather would love to hear from you.




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