Rehna Schuyler

Trauma + LGBTQ Therapist, Teen Support Specialist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Women’s issues, the LGBTQ community and couples are what Rehna does best.

How do you define happiness? Society teaches us that when we have the relationship, the job, the house, the money, the kids, we can finally relax and enjoy our life. However, sometimes we get those things and discover they weren’t the key to our happiness. Or sometimes life doesn’t go as we planned. I believe that when life doesn’t turn out like we thought it would, there is a challenge and an opportunity.

Rehna has a professional interest and personal investment in working with the LGBTQ populations, especially those coming out in adulthood. She’s excited to join you on your journey to a life of satisfaction, gratification and self compassion, finding the greater pleasure that a life unplanned can bring.

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