Is Therapy Worth It?

Let’s Dive In Together.


Therapy: How It Can Help

At Simple Modern, our therapists can help you cope with feelings, situations and symptoms, and change patterns that may be contributing to the problem you’re seeking help for. Psychotherapy (also known as Talk Therapy) is not just “talking about your problems”; it is also working toward solutions. Some therapy may involve homework, such as tracking your moods, writing about your thoughts, or participating in social activities that have caused anxiety in the past. You might be encouraged to look at things in a different way or learn new ways to react to events or people. 

Most of today’s psychotherapy is brief and focused on your current thoughts, feelings and life issues. Focusing on the past can help explain things in your life, but focusing on the present can help you cope with the present and prepare for the future. Events from the past cannot be changed, however, we can work together to resolve current challenges in your life. Our goal at Simple Modern is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life worth celebrating and loving. Seeking support when you need it is something to be admired. We provide support, problem-solving skills and coping strategies for a variety of life transitions.

Who provides talk therapy?

Your therapist at Simple Modern is an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). Your ability to talk honestly and openly with your therapist, set clear goals and make real progress is important. Think of your relationship with your therapist as a partnership. The two of you will work together to help you feel better. You do not need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about talking openly and honestly about your feelings and concerns.

It’s All About You

Choosing to go to therapy is extremely courageous and having the opportunity to talk about yourself can relieve some major mental tension. Being in therapy gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself. Staying in therapy gives you an opportunity to learn what you like, what you don’t like and more importantly why you feel that way and what to do with those feelings.

Sometimes, we make fast decisions about how we feel about something but then never dig deeper. You can learn so many insightful things about yourself in therapy. Although this might freak some people out, don’t be afraid of yourself. The human brain is so complex. Understanding our home base (and inner self) is of the utmost importance.

We frequently grapple with trying to identify our emotions and reactions. During therapy, you will learn your thoughts and experiences are valid. 

The Bottom Line

Through therapy you can live up to your potential. It is the reason we understand and evolve as adults. The process is anything but easy, but it gives you the tools to more effectively deal with life’s ups and downs.

The bottom line? If you think you need therapy, then you probably do. Take it as a compliment that you have confided in yourself about something so personal, and want to make a change. We give anyone kudos for their dedication to self-improvement. And if you’ve been on the fence about therapy but are unsure about making the plunge — just try it! It’s not a lifetime commitment, but it can be a life-changing decision.

So let’s dive in together, we’d love to talk.


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