What Does Anxiety Feel Like?


by Tiffany Joy Mansfield

Here are some signs of anxiety from real life people:

?    Feels like a car charger is supercharging your heart

?    Being very agitated by everything and everyone

?    Feeling like you can’t leave your house or face people, self isolation

?    Hard time sleeping

?    Can’t get butterflies out of stomach

?    Brain feels like a tornado or thoughts are in a blender

Yucky feeling down spine

♨️    Body gets hot when cannot control the environment 

?    Fire in stomach

?    Really hard pounding heart

?    Want to crawl out of your skin

?    Can’t relax or hold still

?    Thoughts wandering to false realities

Something heavy on chest

?    The feeling that you need to do something but don’t know what it is

?    Pop rocks in blood

❗️    Everything seems like a bigger deal than it is

Negative anticipation

Constant stress and worry about things you can’t control

?    Paralyzing fear

?    Like the walls are closing in and can’t get out

The terrifying feeling that things will never be okay again.

If you feel any of these feelings and would like some help, we are here for you. Contact one of our therapists at Simple Modern Therapy here for an appointment. Getting on a path to recovery is easier than you think.

Photo credit Ethan Haddox



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