Pure, Boring Theory

Note from the editor:

The following article is curated from the writer, director Dan Harmon. While it is “just a bunch of theory”, many points apply to basic concepts surrounding the nature of the human condition. This in turn can be useful in understanding our place in the world and with each other. Relationships often times are about communication and rhythm, and as Mr. Harmon puts it: “…our society, each human mind within it and all of life itself has a rhythm, and when you play in that rhythm, it resonates.” So with that, please enjoy.

The Rhythm of Biology

The universe around us is dying, moving from a state of high energy to low. On Earth, however, things tend to move in a contrary direction. Eggs turn into chickens. People turn into more people. Flesh heals, stupid becomes smarter, and the planet, once cold and empty, is now so full of life that you can’t leave bread on the counter. How has life managed to cheat a dying universe like this? Through death. This planetwide creature known as “Life on Earth” has been able to grow and thrive through an evolutionary arms race between the various parts of itself.

The more advanced parts of life EAT the less advanced parts, thereby becoming more plentiful until a more advanced part consumes it. This causes all life to advance and spread. The ongoing battle between eaters and eaten is responsible for that state-of-the-art biological weapon you call a brain, and it may even lead, one day, to humans flinging themselves like spores, to dead planets and bringing those planets to life. To you and me, consciously, death may be a bummer, but to Mother Gaia, to life itself, unconsciously, it is absolutely essential- 50% of how shit gets done. What do I mean by consciously and unconsciously?

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