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Couples Therapy for Relationship Issues

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When a relationship is thriving, something to help keep it that way is attending regular therapy, and if a relationship is suffering, therapy may be imperative to save it. At the end of the day, there’s no wrong time to pursue couples therapy.

Loving a person, no matter how deeply, unfortunately, does not guarantee that communication will always be perfect, or that feelings and ambitions will always be aligned, and when a relationship is experiencing discord, an objective mediator can really help to provide meaningful insights to foster healthier interactions.

We know that there may be initial apprehension about couples therapy. There are certain stigmas around couples therapy, and a social association with failure, but that simply isn’t the case. Scheduling couples therapy is not a symptom of failure; it is instead a sign of commitment to better understanding and communicating with one another.

Pursuing couples therapy is a way we honor our partners, letting them know we want to better understand one another, we want a future with them, and we want that future to be full of light and love.

There is no one person ever born with the innate, unshakable, measured ability to accurately and unfailingly establish and maintain healthy boundaries, communicate perfectly what they mean when they mean it while receiving and understanding all that they need to – and so, to expect that any two or more people will come together and somehow know how to do these things without any help just isn’t a reasonable expectation.

Even the healthiest, happiest unions can benefit from a neutral space, created by someone compassionate and non-judgmental with both or all of your best interests at the fore.

Our therapists have additional training and expertise in relationship navigation, and so we are uniquely equipped to help your union thrive. Simple Modern Therapy uses evidence based techniques like the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to mend what is broken, and help make solid plans for your shared futures.

Simple Modern Therapy offers educated, well-trained counselors that combine and utilize a variety of helpful approaches and methods, designed to assist your unions in realizing their greatest, unique potential.

While finding all the things that make your union special, powerful, and great, amplifying those aspects, encouraging more of what makes your union so wonderful, we are also prepared to help acknowledge weaknesses and deficits.

We can make what’s good great, we can make what’s weakening strong again, but it’s important too to acknowledge that not all relationships are meant to serve us forever.

Simple Modern Therapy counselors are distinctly equipped to help couples and individuals identify unhealthy dynamics within their relationships, and if these conflicts cannot be resolved, we will be here for you, to help you heal and separate peacefully.

Breaking up doesn’t necessitate cruelty or coldness, and being able to release that which no longer serves you can only help for future interpersonal connections. Being able to let someone go for the sake of both or all of your happinesses is a gift shared by all those touched.

Allow us the opportunity to help you find more profound, long-lasting satisfaction within your unions, or otherwise navigate these tumultuous waters however you may need.

Anything you can do, we can do better (together).

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