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EMDR Therapy


Getting Past Your Past

Maybe you’ve heard about EMDR recently, or a friend has recommended it to you. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a relatively new therapy that research has shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD. EMDR Therapist.

“If there is an unprocessed memory, the negative emotions and sensations can emerge and color our perception of this current situation. In short, the past is present.”

– Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.

Safety In Your Own Body

Traumatic events can derail your life unless you have a way to process the experience. EMDR therapy can help you work through these difficult feelings and gets you back on the right track. The developer of this approach to trauma treatment, the late Francine Shapiro, once said that we all have an innate capacity to process information and learn from all experiences, even the most difficult ones.

That’s where Simple Modern can help. While EMDR can’t remove a problem caused by genetics or organic injury, even in these cases negative life experiences can exacerbate problems. When a person is held back from doing things he or she would like to do by feelings of insecurity, anxiety, worthlessness, fear, unremitting sadness, or is pushed into doing things that are not useful — such as overreacting to people or situations — the reason can generally be found in the memory networks.

Many times the problems are unprocessed memories from the past that are poisoning the present.


EMDR Therapist

*A neural network is a group of interconnected brain cells (neurons) that fire together.

So how does EMDR Therapy work? In order to better understand the therapy process, it’s important to turn our attention to the way memories are stored in the brain as a form of *neural networks. Traumatic memories are maintained as maladaptive neural networks that result in a limited ability to adapt, process, and resolve traumatic stress. Think of this like a record that has a scratch—the needle will skip on that spot repeatedly unless something intervenes.

Take Control Of Your Life

The bottom line is that your deserve to have happiness and fulfilling relationships.

Your negative feelings may appear to be true to you, but they are actually the result of physiologically stored memories. This isn’t a “mental problem,” but rather a physical problem that can be remedied. Seeing a EMDR therapist is not limited to simply taking symptoms away. It addresses the past, present and future.

Problems involving negative thoughts and emotions are generally the result of negative past experiences that are improperly stored in our brains. Ultimately, the goal is to liberate you from the confines of the past into a happy and productive present and a fulfilling future.

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