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Gender / Sexuality Issues

–  Gender  – 

Working through gender spectrum concerns is truly concerning when your therapist has no idea what you’re talking about. Educating your therapist about the basics of transition, the ins and outs of a SRS letter, or the difference between gender expression and gender identity SHOULD. NOT. HAPPEN.

Your time in therapy should be spent building on that basic knowledge, focused on your conversation, your story and your needs.

–  Sexuality  –

Our agency was built to serve the LGBT population. Over 60% of our clients are same sex attracted, and we hope to make that figure grow.

Bring your partner(s) into session, cuddle on our sofa. Discuss your sexual difficulties or preferences without fear. Extract the uniqueness of sexual identity in the context of your Mormon upbringing.

We pride ourselves in understanding the intricacies unique to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, kink and polyamorous populations – and we continue to educate ourselves through organizations such as the LGBT Therapist Guild.

Come as you are, not as someone else expects you to be and learn to love your life.

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