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Women’s Issues

Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down

Simple Modern Therapy offers well-trained counselors, with well-educated multicultural lenses, and eclectic, holistic approaches to women’s issues.

There is no doubt that, while great strides have been made for and by women, we still find ourselves battling it out to secure basic human rights, equal civil rights, and beyond that, there are the overlapping issues of misogyny, bigotry, ableism, domestic violence and all social conflicts that seem to disproportionately affect women.

Counselors at Simple Modern Therapy are personally, sincerely invested in empowering women and girls, promoting gender equality, protecting the health and inalienable rights of women and girls, and we are wholly committed to improving the lives of all the women and girls that reach out for help.
While everyone experiences traumas, personal losses, grief, and hardships, there must be an acknowledgment that gender and sex have a measurable effect on how these issues are considered, whether they are even validated, and how available treatment is.

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”

– Brené Brown

There is something of an unspoken social expectation that women and girls be seen and not heard, that they bear emotional burdens alone, and not only their own, but be emotional caretakers to all those around them. Whether this is to the benefit of the men and boys in their lives, aging parents, or expectant employers, women of all walks of life will agree – their emotional needs have historically been secondary to those around them.When discussing trauma, couples conflicts, teen issues, or behavioral disturbances, the aspect of gender cannot be ignored – the experience of being a girl, woman or trans woman has a direct impact on how these subjects are spoken of, treated, and expected to heal.All women and girls deserve the space and care particular to their set of challenges, and counselors at Simple Modern Therapy are equipped to do just that.

Women’s struggles are profound, deep-rooted, ingrained early, and while broad compassion and kind regard is a great starting point, many counselors will fall short of understanding how to address the distinct challenges of womanhood.

The counselors at Simple Modern Therapy will not fall short this way.

The challenges of womanhood are multifaceted and always changing; the expectations of a woman of color is not comparable or in competition with the expectations of a disabled woman, the experiences of poor women will be inherently unique and face a different set of obstacles than those of trans women, and all of these aspects of identity can intersect, complicating and compounding expectation, but what is shared between them all is this shared experience of womanhood.

Women and girls of all walks of life, all shapes, sizes and shades are welcome at Simple Modern Therapy and will be treated with unerring respect, and care and compassion specific to traumas, standards, expectations and experiences distinctive and exclusive to women.

Women and girls are strong enough to carry the world, but they shouldn’t have to – we are here, sensitive to the way in which all facets of society (school, religion, work, marriage, etc) uniquely affect women and girls, how the very trait of womanhood changes how we interact with and overcome challenges and differences.

You deserve to love your life.

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