Michael McColley

Mindfulness Expert
& Couples Therapist

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (AMFT)

$150.00 per 50 min. session

(801) 920-7112 Email

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Have you been wondering “Will it ever get better? Will I ever feel like myself again? If not, what is the point?” If so, you are right where you need to be. These questions are valuable because they require honesty and acknowledgement of one crucial factor—that there is something inside you pushing you toward peace and being your most authentic self.

Michael is a systemically trained Marriage and Family Therapist who incorporates mindfulness into every facet of his work.

Michael is ready to work with you to address the pain you are experiencing in your relationship or personal life, helping you move through it to a place of greater understanding. It is natural for us to avoid suffering, however, you have reached a place where you are ready to face it and do this important work. As you learn to soften your stance toward pain, you create space for life to happen and the weight you are accustomed to carrying becomes lighter through your strength and acceptance.

Energy, care, close attention, and laughter are all qualities that Michael brings into his therapy. He has great respect for your willingness to reach out for support and is committed to helping you live a rich and meaningful life.

Above all, Michael is a human being that loves to be with other human beings. When he is not engaged in therapy, Michael can be found studying history and languages, listening to jazz/hip-hop/60s rock, and playing chess—yes, he is a nerd. Michael loves spending time with his partner, connecting with friends and family, and remembering to breathe through all of it.

Make an appointment now, Michael would love to hear from you.

(801) 920-7112

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