The Word On Lesbian Relationships

The Word On Lesbian Relationships

The Word

Simple Modern was always designed specifically with the gay couple in mind. With over ten years of experience working with relationships across the life span and advocating for gay rights along the way, it became apparent that safety, comfort, and acceptance is unfortunately not always implied in a healthcare setting. Therapy has even played a role in doing severe harm to individuals hoping to learn how to love themselves, and embrace a life of healing and self-acceptance.

With gay marriage at the forefront, relationships are even more heavily scrutinized, putting undue stress on the relationships and individuals, so they need to learn to love their partners. Feeling comfortable bringing your partner to therapy, discussing sex, open relationships or kink is hugely important to the therapeutic dynamic. The pressure to censor yourself in public should never be felt in the intimacy of therapy. Come as you are. Expect therapy to be judgment free. Your best life is defined by you, not by your therapist.


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