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LGBTQ Therapy & Transgender Support

–  Sexuality and Gender  – 

LGBTQ therapist experts at Simple Modern Therapy are educated and sensitive to the matters of sexual identity, gender identity, expression, and fluidity.

Sexuality & gender exist on a broad spectrum, so much so that we keep adding to the LGBTQ and LGBTQIA acronyms (did we miss one?). Gender expression, our relationships with our gender identity and sexuality, gendered expectations and standards, and working through these feelings and social concerns can be emotionally and psychologically demanding.

You will at no point be finding yourself explaining the difference between being gender non-conforming and being agender, or needing to teach a counselor the difference between sexual and/or romantic orientation versus gender expression and identity.

The time you spend in therapy is meant for your betterment, and counselors at Simple Modern Therapy are ready and glad to receive you.

Whether you are pursuing a full transition, just coming out as gay, lesbian bisexual or transgender, or you are questioning your identity for the very first time, we can help you explore and accept all that you are.

–  Who We Are and What It Means  –

Issues of gender and sexuality can be difficult subjects, particularly in a binary-focused, Western society that can’t always claim to be well-informed. The issue of gender or sexuality is not taboo, though. We’re eager to give you the attention and compassion you deserve. Patient and caring while you discover, recover, explore and adore who you are, have always been, or are just now becoming.

Simple Modern Therapy counselors can give you the non-judgmental, protected and safe space to expand your own knowing of self, wherever you land on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

LGBTQ counseling and therapy is all about bettering the circumstances and thought processes influencing your life. We also want you to to foster happiness in yourself, for yourself. And to do that, you need a good understanding of who you are and what you want.

All facets of personal identity are significant in healing past traumas and navigating interpersonal relationships. It is also important in managing expectations, processing and resolving individual or interpersonal conflicts, and setting reasonable goals for the future.

All people who live outside heteronormative expectations and standards are disproportionately affected by issues and crisises of self-esteem and rampant bullying. Additionally, we can struggle with higher rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide. We also know that this part of your personal identity may be difficult to explore or convey, and we are not here to rush you.

You may be feeling ostracized, or isolated, confused about yourself, or not at all confused about yourself and only worried about how to best move forward to embrace all that you are. And of course, it is important you know that you are not alone, and that respectful, informed therapy is available to you for whatever part of your journey in self-actualization you are in.

–  We Believe in You  –

People of all genders, sexualities and expressions will be treated by our counselors with sensitivity, dignity, validation, encouragement and unwavering belief.

It is true that exploring, expanding upon, or authentically expressing your gender and/or sexuality can present unique social challenges and concerns. We’re here to help you through those worries, manage those stressors, and help make plans to keep you safe and happy and true to yourself.

Also, we know it’s possible that your sexuality or gender doesn’t play a major role in what you’re seeking help with, but that it’s an aspect of your identity you want considered when receiving treatment. Simple Modern Therapy counselors will give you the unlimited space to be unapologetically yourself that you rightly deserve.

We will meet you where you are in your journey, and help as much as you want or need. Indeed, there is no right or wrong time to begin the exploration and understanding of yourself and your LGBTQ identity, and there’s no age or time limit.

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