Krista Niederjohn

Individual, Couples & Sex Therapist, CSW

$140.00 per 50 min. session

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“We want to be loved and seen and held fully as who we fully are… I think that is a goal that we all have, and it’s universal.”

— Janet Mock

As a therapist working with individuals and couples, with an added specialty in sex therapy, Krista understands the stress, emotional pain and concern that often comes with the decision to attend therapy.

Krista knows that oftentimes individuals and couples enter into the therapeutic experience feeling lost. It can be difficult to know a clear path forward, and it is vitally important to feel like your therapist is ready to work with you, providing hope and supportive clarity.

Krista also recognizes when the decision to come to therapy involves sexual issues, concerns about intimacy and connection, or sexual trauma, it can be a vulnerable topic to navigate. She acknowledges how important it is for her clients to have confidence in the therapeutic process and path toward their goals, and the significance of a connected and trusted therapeutic relationship.

As a sex therapist and trauma-informed expert, Krista uses a collaborative approach to support healing and self discovery.

Krista believes that individuals and couples understand themselves and their challenges best; that they are the expert in their own experiences. She is committed to understanding the complicated nature of the concerns that bring people into therapy, as well as the strengths and resilience that can be used to support relationships and individuals in their growth and positive change process.

Whether someone is looking to heal from trauma, resolve relationship issues, move past betrayal, reduce symptoms related to a mental health concern such as depression or anxiety, navigate a crisis or address sexual concerns, Krista sees their clients from a strengths-based and holistic perspective. Krista approaches their work with a strong foundation in trauma-informed care, a sex-positive perspective, and a commitment to the biopsychosocial model.


Empowering Individuals and Couples: Navigating Communication Issues, Mental Health Concerns, Trauma to Improve Intimacy and Clarity

Krista is well versed in issues related to individual mental health (like depression, anxiety and trauma, to name a few), relationship challenges, sexual trauma and sexual dysfunction. They are also experienced in navigating alternative relationship structures like polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, and open relationships. It is important to Krista to support individuals and couples / relationships in moving toward optimal health, however it is defined by that person or relationship.

She recognizes that in relationships, there are often different perspectives on problems, sexual concerns and personal or relational crises. Communication challenges and past experiences can get in the way of addressing roadblocks, allowing the necessary confidence individuals and relationships need to move forward with purpose. Krista believes that with the guidance of a therapist, people can gain the necessary tools, skills and perspective to move beyond their issues and toward their goals.

Specialized Sex Therapy: Supporting Relationships, Couples and Individuals in Resolving their Sexual Health and Intimacy Concerns

In addition to being a Clinical Social Worker, Krista has training and expertise as a sex therapist. Her skills include helping people navigate arousal and libido concerns, ED, pain during sex, intimacy issues and healing sexual trauma.

Krista recognizes the importance of considering the ways that past history, current stressors and lifestyle, relationships and physiological health can impact sexual health and relationship satisfaction. She is committed to collaborating with clients and other health care professionals to understand and resolve therapeutic concerns. Krista has a particular interest in working with diverse communities and relational structures, including those in alternative lifestyles such as queer, consensual non-monogamy, and kink.

Celebrating Diversity, Advocating for Inclusivity, and Embracing Life’s Vibrancy

Krista grew up in Colorado and moved to Utah in 2008 to pursue her undergraduate studies in Acting from the University of Utah. She holds a double master’s degree in Social Work and Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Their identity is a vibrant tapestry of experiences and orientations. She uses she/they pronouns and embraces a diverse range of identities, including being queer, pansexual, and demi-sexual. Krista is proudly disabled, an avid animal lover, kayaker, and enthusiastic participant in the Burning Man community.

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