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Teen Issues

There’s no perfect manual for this stuff. It’s not easy, so don’t go at it alone.

Therapy for your Teen

–  Flying Blind –

We’d love to tell you there’s a map or manual for all this, but all of us are flying blind through adolescence.

Navigating the twisting, turning pathways from childhood to adulthood can be exciting, but it’s a period of life that can also be exceptionally difficult, lonely, confounding, and daunting.

Teenagers are undergoing constant, involuntary changes, unpredictable hormonal influxes and depressions, and as soon as you think you’ve got your teenager figured out, something new and unfamiliar begins to take place.

It’s no one’s fault; it’s as if, overnight, growing minds and changing bodies start slashing their way through the rough terrain of fear, insecurity, physical development, personal evolution, desire, ambition, all else that leaves us dizzy and turned around as a teen, and we can all find ourselves exhausted as we blaze this trail.

While this time of blossoming is inarguably exciting, teenagers are in a period of sudden and profound personal realizations, new independences out of sync with still existing dependencies, sudden self-recognition and crises of identity, and internal imbalances and conflicts none of us would be tempted to relive.


Even the most well-adjusted teenager growing up within the loving embrace of an award-winningly supportive, cohesive, healthy family unit can use some help getting through the wilds of adolescence.


A burgeoning teen, no matter their roots, is still finding themselves during this time, looking inward to find what’s inherent and fundamental about them, and also, in part, designing themselves, looking outward to find what they want to emulate and aspire to.

This is a time of creation and intuition, the construction of self, and while that can sound romantic and wonderful, all a teen feels is the uncertainty and anxiety that adolescence is so well known for.

Whether communication is crystal clear and going well at home, or your teenager is bucking authority and raging against the machine, counselors at Simple Modern Therapy can help; we know that when things are good, they’re great, and that when it rains, it can really pour.

If communication is suffering, or family conflicts are frequent or intense, therapy can help bridge the gap between what’s said and what’s meant between adults and their teenagers, all while creating an environment suited to fostering health and happiness within the family.

Adolescence is difficult, and no one should have to go it alone, and as adolescence is such a time of molding, it’s a perfect time for therapy. While your teen is still deciding who and what they want for themselves and their lives, we can help them learn to self-soothe, give them the tools for better communication, teach them how to establish strong and healthy boundaries, and work with them to iron out the knotted confusions of just being a teenager.

Call today, set an appointment, and while letting your teenager know you care, that you’re available, interested in them, here for them, also grant them this safe space to find, explore and create themselves.

This is a complicated time, we know, but we can blaze this trail together.

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